The latest headache for progressive darling Julia Salazar involves salacious allegations that as a 19-year-old police arrested her on suspicion of trying to access the bank account of the estranged wife of retired baseball all-star Keith Hernandez.

Hernandez’s wife, Kai, accused the then-teenage house sitter of stealing $13,000 in cash and goods, much of it booze, from her home and having an ongoing affair with her husband. 

Joe Simonson, of The Daily Caller, reports:

The news was first reported Thursday by The Daily Mail, which provided legal documents showing a civil complaint made by Kai Hernandez in 2013.

According to the Daily Mail, Salazar house-sat for Kai Hernandez in 2010. When she returned to her home in Jupiter, Florida, Kai Hernandez told police that Salazar had stolen $11,800 in cash, $1,175 in Pottery Barn vouchers and $950 in wine.

Salazar, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, is running for a state Senate seat in New York.

Audio obtained by Tablet Magazine allegedly shows that Salazar made three separate attempts in December 2010 to impersonate Kai Hernandez in order to gain access to her accounts at UBS Bank.

A financial adviser promptly alerted Kai Hernandez to the suspicious activity, leading her to file a subsequent police report.

Authorities eventually arrested Salazar; however, charges were dropped after the state attorney’s office felt “there was not a likelihood of conviction” based on the audio alone.

Salazar then sued Kai Hernandez for defamation. Finally, Salazar dropped the suit. But only after four years and Kai’s debilitating fight against cancer took a turn for the worse.

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