An El Salvadorian migrant paid a mighty price attempting to reach U.S. soil.

The unidentified male lost his foot when he tripped trying to board a freight train en route to the United States. 

The network of trains, known as “La Bestia,” or “The Beast” in English, has a fearsome reputation among migrants, taking an unknown number of lives. (Washington Examiner)

Video shows people attempting to climb aboard the moving train as it passes through the town. A man in a red shirt can be seen running alongside the train looking for a ladder to jump onto so that he can climb up to the top of the cargo car.

But as he jumps, he falls and has one or both of his feet immediately crushed by the steel wheels of the train.

The man is around 40 years old and was taken to a local hospital immediately after the incident. Mexico’s Institute of National Migration told La Jornada the man is in critical condition and may need to be transferred to another hospital for better care.

Up until the last few years, The Beast was widely used by Central Americans and Mexicans moving from southern Mexico to different parts of the U.S.-Mexico border.

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