Via American Action News:

A pair of new reports about the current state of former Vice-President Mike Pence have shocked many observers and left others concerned for his well being.

This morning MSNBC host and well-known Trump critic Joe Scarborough claimed that Pence is now ‘in fear for his life because of Donald J. Trump,’ and that people now have him on their ‘hit list.’

As The Hill reports:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said Wednesday that former Vice President Mike Pence remains “in fear for his life because of Donald J. Trump,” faulting the former president for inciting the deadly riots by pro-Trump mobs at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

“We’re not talking about a debate over the Import-Export Bank. We’re not talking about a debate over the organization of the United States Senate, the procedures behind that,” Scarborough said. “We’re now talking about a movement and a president that inspired people to come to Capitol Hill to try to kill — their words, not mine — the vice president of the United States and the Speaker of the House.”

The “Morning Joe” host went on to claim the former vice president was “trying to lay low” in his home state of Indiana because “there are people now who have Mike Pence on their hit list, because of Donald Trump … Mike Pence is in fear for his life because of Donald J. Trump.”

To add further concern, another report has stated that Pence is now, in practice, essentially homeless and floating from house to house of his friends and family (The Daily Mail):

Mike Pence is reportedly ‘homeless’ after being booted from the Vice President’s official residence last week.
The ex-VP and his wife, Karen, returned to their home state of Indiana last Wednesday but no longer own property there, according to one former Trump advisor who spoke with Business Insider. 

‘He doesn’t have anywhere to live,’ the source told the publication on Tuesday.

There are now rumors the pair are ‘couch surfing’, either staying with Pence’s brother in Columbus, Indiana or at the Indiana Governor’s secluded vacation cabin in Brown County.

Is there real cause to be concerned about Pence’s well being?

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