Gavin Newsom via Wikimedia Commons.

Amanda Head discusses Gavin Newsom’s new veto of a radical leftist bill that is making people wonder, “How left-wing is Gavin Newsom?” Hear Amanda’s unfiltered thoughts here:

For the first time in California’s illustrious history, the Golden State’s population went down in the year 2020. According to the Census report issued last year, the population decreased by 182,000. It has continued to decline, such that California was docked one seat in the United States Congress. I’ll offer three times a thousand cheers for those folks who were finally fed up enough with the homelessness, crime, the tax-gouging, and plethora of other issues self-inflicted by a super blue majority in Sacramento. For those of us still hanging on for dear life before the almighty Creator breaks off the West Coast and deservedly dumps it into the Pacific, we’re stuck with the tyrannical likes of Governor Gavin Newsom.

The news that he vetoed a bill to create a pilot program in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland which would offer safe injection sites for drug users might have seemed like a glimmer of measured hope in a state that is far less golden these days. While the benefits of implementing such a program are still contentiously debated, there’s no debate that Gavin Newsom has his eyes on a different political office. Though he has yet to specifically and verbally claim any intentions, it has become clear to many voters that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is his next desired destination. It’s not that Washington, D.C. is any less of a liberal dumpster fire, but behind those White House fences and with all that Secret Service, who can even detect the plight of the peasants…I mean people.

The pilot program, known in legislative form as SB57, passed the California legislature on its way to the Governor’s desk. As I stated, the debate over these programs is ongoing. Should drug users in California have this as an option? In my humble opinion, I simply don’t know. I’ll confess that walking past one of these clinics might be a jarring sight at first; at the same time, California’s homeless population has been failed in every facet and at every step of the way. There are solutions, some of which are very expensive with no guarantee of success. But with the death grip democrats have on this state, those remedies likely will never be considered.

What I do know is that while governor Gavin Newsom may be using this as a ploy to appear more moderate to voters in the other 49 states, he is far from moderate. Trust me when I tell you, America, if this guy runs and wins and takes over the presidency someday, his legislative tenure will feel as moderate as a colonoscopy without anesthesia. Sure, he’s got nice hair, though, so just focus on that during the procedure.

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1 year ago

Thanks Amanda, Newsome is not a Blip on our Radar now and in the future!

Gerald Ladd
Gerald Ladd
1 year ago
Reply to  Helga

He’s still governor.

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5 months ago

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.