Via Trump Train News:

President Trump has been gaining strength as Joe Biden flounders and a new Rasmussen poll shows that the country is paying attention. For the first time, this election President Trump has taken the lead against Joe Biden nationally.

Rasmussen showed that President Trump holds a 1 point lead over Joe Biden nationally. 47 to 46.

Rasmussen tweeted:

Politics and Polls tweeted our the numbers:

The lead is statistically insignificant and is within the margin of error but this is the first time President Trump has been ahead nationally. Rasmussen began the polls at the beginning of July and this is the first time President Trump bested Biden who held a 2 percentage point lead, last week. New job approval numbers were also released with President Trump reaching his highest job approval numbers since February.

The national lead over Biden and the increased job approval numbers come as the President has presided over the historic Middle East Peace Deal, removed troops from the Middle East, announced an imminent vaccine for COVID, and guided the economy through a major downturn.  

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