Via TTN:

South Carolina Senator and longtime Trump ally Lindsey Graham is moving past the results of the 2020 election and focusing on the future. Sen. Graham recently told reporters that despite his decision to object to the certification of the electoral college’s results for Joe Biden he is moving forward and his only focus is winning back both chambers of Congress.

According to The Hill:

“I accept the results of the election. … 2020 is over to me, I’m ready to march on and hopefully take back the House and the Senate in 2022,” Graham told reporters in South Carolina.

While Graham, who voted to certify the 2020 results in January, said he accepted the results, he added that he would endorse making changes to election laws heading into 2022, including tighter voter ID requirements.

“I think what we need to do is reform election systems. … So I think it’s smart to reform our laws to make sure you are who you are,” he said.

“I think there are a lot of people that feel like bad things happened in the election. … But I think President Trump and the Republican Party needs to focus on election reform and the upcoming election,” he added.

Trump has continued to push his theory that the election was swayed by fraud in what he’s now nicknamed The Big Lie. However, multiple Republican-led state legislatures have passed common-sense voting laws that tighten voter ID and make it more difficult to cheat in future elections. Naturally, Democrats have been furious by the efforts and have falsely claimed the voter integrity laws are racist and attempt to suppress voters.

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Gary Von Neida
Gary Von Neida
1 year ago

Something about Lindsey always made the hair on my neck stand up; can’t trust this guy–sort of like McStain?

Sam Masiello
Sam Masiello
1 year ago

It’s not just about results! It’s about the process and laws broken.