Via TTN:

The Supreme Court announced on Wednesday will review a case over whether Republican lawmakers in North Carolina can intervene to defend the state’s voter ID law.

Fox News reports:

Those Republican lawmakers say the state’s Democratic Attorney General John Stein is not properly defending the law from legal challenges brought by the NAACP and other groups who claim it violates the Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

High court oral arguments will be sometime next year, with a ruling expected by July.

The case is Berger v. North Carolina Conference of the NAACP (21-248).

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Gary Von Neida
9 months ago

Hell if China can pay to have illegal aliens vote OUR COUNTRY WILL CEASE TO EXIST. The non producers will vote for more socialist free money, food and rent and the producers will bear the brunt—Socialist Governments eventually collapse due to non producers dragging down producers.

9 months ago

The case should be up to the State not the supreme court. This is when liberal democrats can’t get what they want. They run to daddy for help. The supreme court should kick it down for North Carolina voters to make that decision.

Sherry Chase
Sherry Chase
9 months ago

How about! Up Holding the Law’s against corruption and Treason? Law’s are for We but Not for the. I’d Vote Yes on the ID s! Got to have to do everything else.