Via American Action News:

Regardless of your ideological predilections, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is a shrewd politician who’s hobbled together necessary support from key constituencies back home to win consistently.

But, Schumer also has critics, including prominent campaign finance attorney Dan Backer. (Norfolk Daily News)

What irritates Mr. Backer is that Sen. Schumer spends so much time criticizing President Donald Trump, that one wonders whether the senator actually has time to do the work he was elected to deal with in the U.S. Senate.

Criticizing the Trump administration for a variety of “persistent transgressions,” the liberal Democrat recently claimed “the very foundation of this republic is at risk.” He’s been leading the campaign for Congress to proceed with its impeachment inquiry and consistently accuses the president of abusing the power of his office.

But all the while, Sen. Schumer is presiding over a logjam at the Federal Election Commission, which now lacks the legal minimum of four commissioners to make any decisions.

He has consistently refused to honor the tradition of the Senate minority leader recommending names to be nominated to nonpartisan and bipartisan commissions, including the FEC.

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