The Mexican father of a 16-year-old transgender student who shot up a charter school near Denver is a serial felon and twice-deported illegal immigrant.

The father – already arrested for attempted kidnapping – recently spent 15 months in prison for domestic violence against the shooter’s mother and for “menacing with a weapon.”

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra has more:

The Mail noted that the transgender shooter wrote multiple times on social media about missing their dad, wondering why their dad was not around.

The New York Post reported that the posts made by the transgender shooter showed a psychologically “tortured kid who experimented with drugs, detested his classmates and was struggling to fit in.”

The tragic shooting, which left one dead and several injured, was instantly politicized by far-left group Moms Demand Action and Democrat politicians Rep. Jason Crow (CO) and Sen. Michael Bennet (CO) — who used a vigil for the student who was killed to push for gun control.

SEE ALSO: Students Revolt After Libs Hijack Shooting Vigil

“Hundreds of students attended the vigil held in nearby Highlands Ranch High School and quickly realized that the event was intended to push for gun control and was not about remembering Kendrick Castillo, their 18-year-old classmate who was killed when he attacked the assailant, allowing some of his classmates to escape,” The Daily Wire reported last week.


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