Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) released a statement last night urging the FBI to investigate Julie Swetnick’s “gang rape” claims against Brett Kavanaugh.

Interestingly, her statement became public before NBC’s trainwreck of an interview with Swetnick. Hopefully, Collins watched it. (Hot Air)

Does she still think the feds should devote days of extra investigation to running it down, bearing in mind that reporters from various outfits have spent the past week dumpster-diving to find so much as one witness who can corroborate Swetnick’s claims — with no luck? NBC itself noted on-air before the interview ran that it tried to find supporting witnesses and couldn’t. Of the four names Swetnick provided to them, “One of them says he does not recall a Julie Swetnick. Another of the friends is deceased. We’ve reached out to the other two, but haven’t heard back.”

How badly did damage Swetnick her credibility in the NBC interview? Robby Soave counts the ways. We’ve gone from Kavanaugh spiking the punch and lining up with boys to take turns with roofied girls to Kavanaugh hanging out near the punch bowl and congregating around doorways with male friends.

It’s a disaster for everyone involved. For Kavanaugh, obviously, as he’s had to endure days of ignominy in seeing his name attached to gang rape; for Swetnick herself, who may end up losing her security clearances or in legal jeopardy after contradicting her own affidavit; for bona fide sexual-assault victims, whose credibility is always unfairly maligned when dubious accusations are made by others; and for President Avenatti, who’s going to get enthusiastically bludgeoned by the right for hyping Swetnick’s claims and quietly bludgeoned by Democrats pissed at him for diluting the potency of Ford’s allegations and annoyed at him for hogging the 2020 spotlight.

Rule one of being the fightin’ populist outsider in politics, though, is to never back down when challenged. You prove your willingness to fight by doubling down. Even if it means giving terrible legal advice to your client in the process:


Last night, Stormy Daniel’s lawyer told CNN that there’s a witness who saw Kavanaugh spiking punch at parties with “grain alcohol and Quaaludes.” Of course, he won’t tell anyone the name of the witness right now (she’ll speak to the FBI shortly, he insists).

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