Via TTN:

Senator Mitt Romney has been censured by Utah’s Republican Party once again. Weber County Republican Party voted to censure Sen. Romney after he twice voted to impeached former President Trump.

According to The Daily Wire:

“The Weber County Republican Convention censures Mitt Romney for his votes to convict President Trump in two U.S. Senate impeachment trials,” the resolution censuring Romney reads.

The resolution also says the impeachment proceedings against Trump “denied the President due process, allowed falsified evidence, did not provide adequate time for an investigation, and did not follow the U.S. Constitution which states a President may only be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The county GOP approved the resolution in a convention by a vote of 116-97.

Last week, Republican delegates at a statewide convention booed Romney over his two impeachment votes, with some calling him a “traitor.”

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Mike Tanco
Mike Tanco
1 year ago

There’s a name for people like Romney, chicken __it. He is a loser for sure and gutless. He had Obama on the ropes while debating him and wouldn’t go for the kill.

paw paw
paw paw
1 year ago

I wouldn’t choose Romney to be a dogcatcher! The dogs would outsmart him.