Ron Klain via YouTube via Wikimedia Commons.

Via TTN:

Republicans say it’s time for President Biden to fire Chief of Staff Ron Klain. As President Biden has struggled to get a grip on a number of crises facing the nation such as inflation, foreign policy, and the spiking Coronavirus more and more Republicans are starting to pin some blame on Klain.

According to Fox News:

“Despite running on an agenda of unity and promising to work with both sides, President Biden has staffed his Cabinet and most senior adviser positions with radical leftists, and the results have been disastrous for hard-working families,” House Republican Whip Steve Scalise told Fox News Digital.

“The American people deserve accountability, and the people who made the awful decisions that created these crises should be fired, starting with the chief of staff, who seems to spend more of his day on Twitter criticizing Republicans and stoking divisions rather than working to address any of the crises our country is facing,” Scalise added.

Senator Marsha Blackburn also said it’s time for President Biden to rethink who he chooses to keep close and confide in, noting Kalin should be first to go.

“It’s clear Joe Biden isn’t running the show. He ran as a moderate, but the policies he’s advocated for as President have been outrageously far left,” Blackburn said. “If Biden’s unpopular first year in office has told us anything, it’s that he should immediately reconsider the team pushing this liberal activist agenda to federalize our elections, defund the police, pack the courts, and spend millions of dollars at the expense of the American taxpayer – starting with the mastermind and long-time political operative, Ron Klain.”

“The ‘Prime Minister Klain’ nickname has stuck for a reason,” a senior Senate GOP aide told Fox News Digital.

However, other Republicans like Sen. Rick Scott have said Biden has nobody to blame but himself.

Sen Scott said, “We’ve seen how much the president loves to blame others, but when it comes to the total failures of this administration, like skyrocketing inflation, an open border with record illegal immigration, the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan and withering American strength on the world stage, Joe Biden has no one to blame but himself.”

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