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Via TTN:

Vermont’s Republican Governor is making a push to conduct elections through the mail. While other Republican states are concerned over the practice, Governor Phill Scott wants his state to become the latest to conduct all general elections entirely by mail.

In June 2021, Gov. Scott signed legislation to conduct general elections through the mail but now he wants to expand the mail-in voting measure. On Tuesday, the Republican wrote a letter to state legislators urging lawmakers to expand automatic mail-in voting beyond general elections.

Newsmax reports:

“General elections already have the highest voter turnout. What we need is increased voter participation for elections like those on town meeting day or school budget votes, which experience a fraction of the turnout of general elections,” Scott wrote, according to the news outlet.

The Hill reports that Scott may find a more willing ally in his own legislature: Democrats hold overwhelming majorities in both the state House and the state Senate.

In an email, Scott’s spokesman said the move to expand access only made logical sense, The Hill reported.

“If the goal is to expand voter accessibility and participation, it does not make sense to only focus on elections that have by far the highest voter turnout,” Jason Maulucci, Scott’s press secretary, told The Hill.

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