Multiple illegal migrants from the infamous caravan have breached the border. And some may have escaped into the United States.

Daily Caller reports:

Migrants have reportedly broken though the U.S. border at Tijuana, Mexico and some may have escaped. Reuters reports that about 25 migrants climbed a 10-foot metal fence as darkness descended Monday night.

U.S. Border Patrol guards caught most of them, according to Reuters, but others may have escaped detention. Witnesses say the would-be refugees used blankets and ropes to climb over the wall, where thousands of them remain, despite Tijuana’s apparent resolve to move the migrants further south amid reports of infectious diseases at the border shelter.

One witness told Reuters that she and her three children were just watching other migrants scale the fence and “waiting to see what happens.” However, according to the news outlet, she and her family were over the border within two hours.

The border incursion occurred as chaos continues to define the status of the caravan migrants and as President Donald Trump promotes his border wall with renewed fervor. He has vowed to proceed with the development of the wall, despite threats of a government shutdown by his opponents in Congress. Trump is also challenging a federal judge’s ruling that the federal government must assess the refugee status of migrants who illegally enter the U.S.

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