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1 year ago

As you know Amanda, Neil Young is a Canadian. He is not American. “Young” Neil Young would most assuredly hate and despise “Old” Neil Young. When I think of Neil Young I think of “young ” Neil Young, in his 20’s, 30’s and 40’s, when he had a more pure heart than such a black heart as he does now; which he actually mentions in his lyrics on the album “Sleeps With Angels”.
I cannot believe as a Canadian myself, that the same man who wrote so many lyrics of love, beauty and mystery with such tremendous passion including his unique and powerful melodies and guitar solos, who has himself, lost friends to drug overdoses and has two children with cerebral palsy, has turned into such a bitter old man and sold himself out for profits from pharmaceutical companies.

He once wrote in his song titled, “Soldier”:

‘Jesus I saw you. Walking on the river.
I don’t believe you. You can’t deliver right away.
I wonder why?’

I think Neil needs Jesus more than ever.

As much as I cannot believe that, it is hard to fathom that Joe Biden is indeed the Manchurian Candidate.

America needs to pray and ask for guidance and then take the lead as they have done successfully in the past or it and the world as we know will fail.

The Canadian truckers are standing up against injustice, perpetrated from Justin Trudeau and his globalist billionaire friends who have no scruples and these globalists are the ones who instituted these evil vaccine mandates with help from bribed doctors, media and politicians; to be forced to take a failed drug which does not work and with long-term effects still unknown.

Continue to speak truth to power.