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These have been nominated for the ignominious Ravvie award–given to the public figure with the worst political takes of the year. Meet our finalists

Jimmy Kimmel Attempts to Roast Real America’s Voice Network

Kimmel recently criticized “Real America’s Voice” for sitting down with former President Donald Trump. Kimmel went as far as calling John Solomon and Amanda Head, Trump “sycophants” and then discussed how there is supposedly no evidence of Biden getting paid $3.5 million dollars by the Mayor of Moscow, Russia’s wife. Nonetheless, Jimmy and his team must have missed the actual proof that was reported on by the Senate Committees of Homeland Security, Finance, and Governmental Affairs before putting on that skit, huh?

Will Smith smacks Chris Rock at the Oscars

As you have seen and heard by now, Will Smith smacked Chris Rock at the Academy Awards. Although many dubbed this as a stunt to increase their historic low records, it appears that it was real. Will Smith smacked Chris Rock and then won an Oscar about 20 minutes later, teaching kids around the country who tuned in to the awards show that violence most certainly could be the answer when solving problems, and may even result in great reward. Chris Rock and Will Smith have since made up and the Academy is taking corrective action, it’s a little too late for Will Smith and his aggressive behavior.

Disney Executive Producer Says Company ‘Welcoming’ of her ‘Secret Gay Agenda’

In a video recently released by Christopher Rufo of City Journal, Disney’s “Reimage Tomorrow” summit showed Latoya Raveneau, who serves as a top-company executive openly discussing the company’s push to include more gay (LGBTQ+) content in its ever-growing library. Raveneau said the sudden change in Disney encouraged her to “add ‘queerness’ wherever she could, whether it was having two characters kiss or just having a queer character” according to the latest Breitbart article.