Ratings for the MTV Movie and TV awards have collapsed by 46% compared to last year. As Breitbart reports:

The ratings for the MTV Movie and TV Awards disintegrated by 46 percent when compared to last year, reports The Wrap.

As if that number is not in and of itself humiliating enough, this now-totally irrelevant awards show managed to draw only 1.8 million viewers even with the advantage of airing on ten different Viacom-owned cable channels, not just MTV and VH1.

Yes, you read that correctly: on ten different cable channels, only 1.8 million tuned in…

The problem is obvious — Trump broke them.

It appears that as long as Hollywood and the liberal media keep up their dishonest and shrill attacks on President Trump along with their neverending quest for “social justice” viewers will continue to tune them out. 

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