Via American Action News:

Senator Rand Paul has been a fan of Trump’s decision to remove troops from the Syrian conflict. Now, Rand Paul is explaining the ‘extraordinary’ reason that Trump’s decision is working.

According to The Daily Caller:

Then, Paul told Tucker “one extraordinary thing” that could denote success in Trump’s policy:

For months I’ve been saying the best chance the Syrian Kurds have is actually making an alliance with Assad to protect them against the Kurds. That’s already happening. As we speak, they are beginning to have an alliance. Their best chance of having some kind of autonomous zone is being part of Syria and reassuring Turkey that they are not going to be making incursions into Turkey. That’s what happened in Iraq. There is a semi-autonomous region for the Kurds, but they are within the government of Iraq and they have gotten the surety that they aren’t going to invade into Turkey.

Paul noted the “1,800 Turkish businesses in Kurdistan” that are “actually getting along well.” 

“That could happen in Syria too,” he said, “but we prevented it though because we are saying you can’t talk to Assad – Assad must go – but really, you probably do eventually have to talk to Assad to have peace there.”

Rand Paul is one of the few in Washington, both Democrat, and Republican, who supported the President’s decision.

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