Howard Stern has a long history with Donald Trump and now the shock jock is mocking the physical appearance of President Trump.

According to Fox News:

Radio host and author Howard Stern joked about President Trump’s appearance on Thursday, suggesting that he wasn’t in a position to rate women by their physical attractiveness.

Stern made those comments while on “The View,” where he discussed Trump’s multiple visits to his radio show over the years. Co-host Sunny Hostin noted how the president, according to Stern’s book “Howard Stern Comes Again,” rated women, causing her to express apparent disbelief.

“I’m reading the book like ‘why is Trump rating women from 1 to 10? Donald Trump!” she exclaimed with her finger in the air.

In an apparent joke, Stern responded by saying: “Because he’s so hot, sexually, he’s so good-looking that he has earned the right.”

Stern also stated that he begged Hillary’s campaign to bring her on the show, but thinks she was afraid of him. He also speculated that an appearance on his show could have swayed the election in her favor.

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