Canada’s Freedom Convoy just found themselves an unlikely sympathizer…

Recently, progressive House Rep. Ilhan Omar blasted journalists who are following up with individuals who made small donations to the Freedom Convoy. Earlier this week, GiveSendGo, which is the fundraising platform being used to back the trucker convoy was hacked and donators’ identities were revealed.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The liberal Democrat labeled a tweet from Alison Mah, an editor with the Ottawa Citizen/Sun, as “unconscionable.” Mah’s tweet, which is now hidden from nonfollowers, discussed a report from her news outlet about a shop owner who expressed having “regrets” after donating $250 to the “truck convoy,” saying she thought it was a “peaceful, grassroots movement.” The tweet also said she “made the donation Feb. 5, when police were calling the protest ‘volatile and dangerous.’”

“I fail to see why any journalist felt the need to report on a shop owner making such a insignificant donation rather than to get them harassed,” Omar said in her tweet. “Journalists need to do better.”

The report in question focused on the Stella Luna Gelato Cafe, which it said closed down after the owner, Tammy Giuliani, began receiving threats when her name appeared after the breach of data from the Christian crowdfunding site, listing her as someone who donated to the convoy.

Giuliani wrote in a leaked post that she initially donated $100 but then asked for a refund after the money was frozen. “Now I’m giving you $250 and taking food down to the truckers every day. Thank you for continuing to fight for Canadians across this country,” she wrote.

In a statement Wednesday, GiveSendGo acknowledged that its website was hacked Sunday but said “no credit card information was leaked. No money was stolen.”

Omar’s tweet garnered praise from conservatives, even Fox News’ Tucker Carlson praised Omar’s remarks.

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Larry Bowler
Larry Bowler
1 year ago

Let;s see…What is that old saying?…Oh yes…Even a stopped clock…….

1 year ago

Moral slime, like Omar, should NEVER be given “the benefit of the doubt” – any more than one would give that same benefit to an Adolph Hitler or a Joseph Stalin. They are all equally immoral, even thought the two dictators murdered people more than Omar has – yet!