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*Sources (Regarding Question #7): 

Walt Larimore, MD

University of Chicago Survey

Based in part on the University of Chicago survey outlined further below, I’m assuming that devout Christian husbands and their wives who report the highest level of sexual enjoyment, are experiencing and enjoying sex within (and not in disobedient defiance of) God’s design for sex as presented Biblically.  Unless these sincere and devout Christian husbands and wives are together routinely and purposefully violating God’s design for sex as presented in Scripture (which would be quite odd), it seems unreasonable to deny and reasonable to affirm that their sexual experience, which is being highly enjoyed and celebrated, is in harmony with and fulfillment of God’s design for sex as presented Biblically.  Therefore, it seems safe to regard the collective sexual activity of devout Christian husbands and wives, as within and even in celebration of, God’s Biblical design for sex.  Furthermore, the former can even exemplify and illuminate the latter.  Simply stated, God’s design for sex is reflected in the sex lives of devout Christians.

Walt Larimore, MD, citing researched data, points out that among all those surveyed, the people reporting the highest levels of sexual fulfillment, are devout Christians, and (I would add) quite likely to be following sex’s Biblical motif and vision.  The curious neutral observer might next legitimately inquire how, even after millennia of sexual experience and experimentation by all ethnicities, cultures, and intelligent human beings, The Bible, written centuries ago, somehow decisively out-paces our greatest minds today when it comes to empowering us to sexually thrive.  Perhaps this is further corroboration of the all-knowing and benevolent nature of The Bible’s ultimate Author, and His unbeatable status as our good Creator.  This line of thought, linking God and His intention with the greatest sexual experience for human beings, is strangely in direct opposition to what some of our cultural conditioning would have us believe.  Some will even vehemently protest this research, not because the data fails to be compelling, but because they have already decided that nothing shall ever contest or outshine their celebrated hedonism, and that which attempts to do so must be fully and passionately invalidated.  And yet, Larimore’s body of research, including his dive into a groundbreaking survey conducted by the University of Chicago, winsomely contends for the supremacy of God’s vision for sex.  Far from intending to advocate for a Biblical vision for sex, the landmark University of Chicago survey asks thousands of people questions about their sex lives, and has the integrity to document their answers.  Some of the results are stunning.  The survey results unintentionally associate a Biblical vision for sex with its greatest reported enjoyment, even in our current generation.  Some of Larimore’s summary and analysis, written for the average reader, can be found here.  Relatedly, some of Larimore’s discovery mentioned in this linked article, was made while conducting related research for his book entitled ‘His Brain, Her Brain: How divinely designed differences can strengthen your marriage’.  His book is available on Amazon here.

More about Walt Larimore, MD:

Findings from this groundbreaking University of Chicago survey have been published and analyzed in a book entitled ‘Sex In America: A Definitive Survey’.  It is available on Amazon here.

In summary, I contend

  1. God’s Biblical vision for sex is reflected in the sex lives of devout Christians (Premise 1)
  2. This survey (and other considerations) present a strong case and good reason to believe that the greatest sexual enjoyment is honestly experienced and expressed by devout Christians (Premise 2)
  3. Those who follow God’s design for sex enjoy it more (Conclusion).

Follow-up Questions, similar to that posed in the ‘Questions’ section earlier: Why is this?  What does this suggest about God?  His provision and goodness?  His interest in our legitimate joy and pleasure?  How does this impact our awe, gratefulness, wonder of, and love for God?

Derek is an Adjunct Professor, Camp Director, and Kayaking-Addict from the Boise, Idaho area. In his free time, Derek loves innovating alpha gear for epic recreational combat games, stuffing his face with his Italian mom’s cheesecake whenever possible, and passionately touring New Zealand via YouTube.

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Douglas Adashefski
Douglas Adashefski
2 years ago

The answer: Because men love darkness, and will not come to the Light lest their evil deeds be revealed.

11 months ago

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