Via Trump Train News:

Hundreds lined the perimeter of the White House Thursday night to protest President Trump’s acceptance speech.

The “Drown Out Trump Live GoGo Show and Noise Demo” was planned to correspond with the final night of the Republican National Convention, in an attempt to prevent the President from being heard. 

Demonstrators arranged for live performances to occur from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on the corner of 17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The protests included a band, chanting over loudspeakers, and blasting air horns.

Hundreds held Black Lives Matter signs as they shouted, “If we don’t get it (justice), burn it down.” They banged drums and toted Anti-Trump paraphernalia, a baby Trump character with a cell phone could be seen toddling around.  

Police kept protestors back with barriers and fences set up around the perimeter of the White House, but wailing sirens, collective shouting, and deep bass could be heard from the South Lawn where the President was speaking.  

The demonstration, which reportedly did not receive a permit, turned ugly as protestors harassed guests leaving the convention. Police had to guard attendees from chants of “racist” and “get behind your fence, p***y.” 

Masked protestors chased after a couple as they tried to enter a building, repeatedly screaming in their faces: “How do you feel about the killing of black individuals in the United States?”

Senator Rand Paul and his wife were protected by police as they were attacked by a mob of protestors.  He thanked the D.C. police on Twitter.  


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