Via American Action News:

Andrei Serban is a film director, a Tony Award-winning theater producer, and, until recently, was a tenured professor at Columbia University’s theater department.

Serban, who fled communism in his native Romania abruptly quit because Columbia University is “on its way toward full-blown communism.”

The renowned thespian complained in an interview with Romania’s TVR1 about the growing pressure he faced to conform to the whims of social justice activists. One notable example was the pressure Serban felt to admit a transgender applicant who auditioned for the role of Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet.”

Per The Epoch Times:

Serban had not responded to The Epoch Times’ request for comment as of press time.

In the television interview, the interviewer seemed startled by Serban’s claim that the U.S. system of higher education is barreling toward communism, which dominated Romania for much of the previous century, The College Fix reports.

Serban also explained that at a meeting convened by the dean of the art school when a professor retired, the dean said there were “too many white professors, too many heterosexual men” and that it would be best to choose a person of a minority group, or a woman, or a gay man to replace the departing teacher.

Serban, who headed the hiring committee, said the replacement hire couldn’t be someone like him because he was a male who has been “married, a heterosexual man who has children.”

“I felt like I was living under communism again,” Serban admitted.

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