Pro-Trump Hollywood film star Jon Voight defended himself during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” Friday after he was attacked by ultra-liberal Alyssa Milano. As Fox News reports:

Actor Jon Voight spoke Friday on “Fox & Friends” about attending the Rally for Freedom alongside Gold Star families on July 4th and he responded to a recent tweet from actress Alyssa Milano.

Voight, a vocal supporter of President Trump, was on the show alongside Gold Star mom Karen Vaughn, who lost her son, Navy SEAL Aaron Carson, in 2011.

Voight was read a tweet by Milano in which she called him an “F-lister” and a “has been” in response to him praising President Trump.

The Academy Award winner said he was part of the anti-war left during the 1960s, but later discovered the “truth” and changed his political ways.


Voight told the hosts that Milano’s ignorance “doesn’t scare him.”

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