Via TTN:

Democrat-turned-Republican Vernon Jones has officially announced his gubernatorial campaign to defeat Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. Jones endorsed Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign before officially switching to the Republican Party in January.

The Hill reports:

Jones is hoping to capitalize on the incumbent governor’s perceived disloyalty to Trump, who has already vowed to support a primary challenge to Kemp.

“Right now, those of you who feel you have been not listened to, those of you who feel frustration. I feel your pain,” Jones said. “For those of you who feel your voices weren’t heard, for those of you who feel the incumbent governor didn’t fight for you, a new day has dawned.”

Jones has tweeted that he will prioritize voting integrity in Georgia and has vowed to discontinue the use of Dominion Voting machines in the state if elected. The voting machines caused controversy as they caused ballot errors in the state during the 2020 presidential election. In the weeks after the election, Trump continued to claims the election was manipulated by fraud and voter irregularities.


Rudy Giuliani has already voiced his support for Jones gubernatorial campaign.


All Jones is waiting for now is Trump’s endorsement, but will he get it?

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Ben Matthews
Ben Matthews
6 months ago

A repentant ex-demon(c)rat…who knew?

Charles Hadden
Charles Hadden
6 months ago

I don’t trust Most Repubs (RINOS), so this guy used to be a Demoncrat and wants to show his loyalty to the Repubs. He had a good run but needs to back off. I don’t trust any of them to stand loyal to the Constitution.

James R Tapscott
James R Tapscott
5 months ago
Reply to  Charles Hadden

I believe his eyes and common sense showed him what the Democrat party has become! More power to him!