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Via TTN:

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin is preparing to take a step into national politics by launching a pair of new political groups.

According to The Daily Caller:

The move will allow the recently elected governor to have a larger role in the upcoming midterm elections, Politico reported. Youngkin, who is limited to one term as governor, has not expressed any interest in a 2024 presidential run, but has not ruled out the possibility.

The first group is a political action committee called Spirit of Virginia, while the second is a nonprofit group called America’s Spirit, Politico reported.

Spirit of Virginia is already running television ads pushing Youngkin’s agenda in order to get the state legislature, which has a Democrat-controlled Senate, to approve his proposed budget, Politico reported. Youngkin also anticipates contributing to the election cycle through donations and hosting campaign events, people familiar with the matter told the outlet.

“Looking to 2022, Gov. Youngkin will continue to grow that movement and help other candidates win, especially those that will turn blue states red, just as he did in Virginia last year,” Youngkin senior advisor Kristin Davison told Politico.

The two groups could also aid Republican attempts to secure a majority in the state Senate for Youngkin’s last two years in office.

Youngkin is still seen as a newcomer to conservative politics despite being the first Republican to be elected to win statewide in over a decade, however, these new groups are likely to considerably raise his national profile.

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Carl M Seibert
Carl M Seibert
9 months ago

that would be stupid!

9 months ago

Oh please, stop it right now! You are barely Virginia’s new Governor so keep your eyes on that State and do the best to advance it!

9 months ago

Has the poor man got delusions of grandeur like Comrade Putin?