Via Trump Train News:

President Trump is set to attend a hearing in Pennsylvania on Wednesday regarding election fraud. The hearing will be held by GOP state lawmakers investigating fraud in the November 3rd election.

According to The Daily Wire:

CNN reported that Trump is expected to join his attorney Rudy Giuliani in a trip to Gettysburg, which would mark the president’s first event outside Washington, D.C., since Election Day.

“Trump expressed strong interest in joining Giuliani for the trip and directed aides to make plans for him to travel to Pennsylvania, multiple sources said,” CNN reported. “The trip, which would be his first outside of the Washington area since Election Day, was not listed on the public schedule released by the White House on Tuesday night, but is being handled internally as an unannounced movement.”

Fox News later wrote that Trump will “travel to Gettysburg, Pa., on Wednesday, Fox News has confirmed, where his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani will appear before the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee for a ‘hearing’ on election issues in the state.”

The hearing is not an official state event as it is being held by a group of Republican lawmakers. The Pennsylvania Secretary of State has certified the results but the Trump campaign has not let that deter its fight.


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