Via Trump Train News:

President Trump reposted a video proving the hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi during this pandemic crisis.

Pelosi met every Trump move to protect America with condemnation. She now blames President Trump with the deaths of Americans while she downplayed the seriousness of the threat countless times in the beginning.

According to Town Hall:

In February as Wuhan coronavirus raged around the world and was spreading in American communities, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown to berate President Trump for his travel ban to-and-from China. 

According to the White House, Pelosi deleted video of the event from her Twitter feed. President Trump is reminding everyone about what she said. 


Meanwhile, the White House has been on a tweet spree comparing dated actions from President Trump to those taken by Speaker Pelosi.



Pelosi is currently in San Francisco giving tours of her $24,000 refrigerators as Americans, especially those who own small businesses, continue to suffer.

All of this while Pelosi continues to stall relief to small businesses who have suffered from the government’s decision to close down the economy.

We cannot forget that the Speaker of the House has control over the budget and spending. The media makes you believe that it is the President, but the real culprit of out of control spending is the party and person who control the House.

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