Via Trump Train News:

A Michigan postal worker is coming forward with evidence that ballots have been tampered with. A Barlow branch postal worker interviewed by James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has provided specific details on how workers were instructed to change dates on late ballots.

The postal worker told O’Keefe, “we were issued a directive this morning to collect any ballots we found in mailboxes, collection boxes, just outgoing mail in general, separate them at the end of the day so that they could handstamp them with the previous day’s date.”

The previous days date being Nov. 3, the final date ballots must be stamped to legally be counted towards the 2020 election. Michigan election law requires ballots to be received by the election clerks “before the close of the polls on election day.” (8 p.m. in Michigan)

So, ballots that were received after the deadline were then separated and stamped with a previous date to then be sorted and sent through express mail to distribution centers. This is an obvious attempt to circumvent Michigan election law and allow late votes to be counted.

The Trump campaign has pushed hard to end vote counts for fear of election tampering such as this.

O’Keefe asked the whistleblower, whose identity has been kept a secret for fear of retaliation why he came forward.
“That’s sketchy. I don’t like sketchy. It screams corruption. Also, knowing the postal office’s leanings politically. It didn’t seem quite right,” said the whistleblower.

The postal worker also encouraged other workers to come forward and report it if they experience similar directives.
“Report it. How are we supposed to have any integrity in this country if we are just going to let things slide based on scaling issue?” he said to O’Keefe.

When James O’Keefe reached out to the Barlow Brach Post Office’s supervisor, Jonathon Clarke regarding the ballot tampering Clarke quickly hung up the phone.


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