Via American Action News:

An off-duty firefighter with a concealed carry permit wasted no time holding a 20-year-old man, clad in body armor and lugging a rifle, at gunpoint.

Police officers arrived three minutes later.

Authorities are now crediting the good samaritan with stopping a potential bloodbath. (RELATED: 20 Quotes You Absolutely Must Hear About Guns).

The Daily Wire further reports:
“His intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business,” Lt. Mike Lucas with the Springfield Police Department said. “In fact, he’s lucky to be alive still to be honest.”

Lucas said that there may have been a Facebook Live posted by the suspect and that law enforcement officials are conducting an investigation and looking through the suspect’s social media.

KOLR news anchor tweeted “20-year-old man with rifle, handgun & body armor arrested at Walmart on Republic. SFD Police say he had 100+ rounds of ammunition. Off-duty firefighter with concealed carry gun held him at gunpoint until officers arrived about 3 minutes later”

The incident comes after a white supremacist terrorist massacred nearly two dozen people in a domestic terror attack at a Walmart in El Paso last Saturday in which the terrorist targeted Latinos.


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