Pop starlet Selena Gomez ripped into the Trump Administration’s immigration policy, decrying them as “inhumane.” What she didn’t realize, of course, was that these policies actually began under former President Barack Obama. As Breitbart reports:

Pop star Selena Gomez took aim at the Trump administration over immigration policies that were active during the Obama administration, in an angry Instagram rant to her 152 million Instagram followers.

The former Disney star advanced the narrative of the political left, using her platform to speak out on the “human rights issues” on the southern border and seemingly placing the blame squarely on the Trump administration’s shoulders.

“Kids in cages! Sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum blankets! No access to simple dignities! How is this still happening???” the Dead Don’t Die actress asked her massive social media following.

“It’s absolutely inhumane to treat anyone like this let alone children. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. We need to get this to finally stop!” Gomez continued before urging her followers to contact their representatives.

If only Gomez had actually bothered to educate herself on the policies she’s attempting to criticize, perhaps she wouldn’t have embarrassed herself so badly.


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