Via American Update:

Ariane Grande claimed in an interview on Tuesday that she would rather sell fewer records than stop attacking President Trump. As Breitbart reports:

The wide-ranging interview covered several topics — from the artist’s childhood to her ex-boyfriends — but it briefly focused on politics, with Vogue describing Grande as “passionately pro-LGBTQ” and “passionately anti–Donald Trump.” The “7 Rings” singer proudly exclaimed that she would “rather sell fewer records” and “be outspoken” on what she views as “some fuckery” in the world.

“I would rather sell fewer records and be outspoken about what I think is some fuckery than sell more records and be . . . Switzerland,” she told the magazine. “Am I allowed to say that? I love Switzerland. The fake wokes are waiting to attack!”

This is not the first time Grande has waded in political waters. Grande appeared at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington, D.C. last year, singing “Be Alright” to attendees.

The Grammy Award-winning artist also told Elle magazine last July that she would not stay silent on hot button issues, promising to use her “privilege” to “help educate people.”

The foul-mouthed young starlet should be careful what she wishes for. She just might get it.


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