Via Trump Train News:

A pollster recently slammed his fellow pollsters as attempting to suppress votes while predicting a victory for President Trump.
According to The Daily Wire:

Lee predicted that if the turnout for 2020 is what he thinks it will be, President Donald Trump will win another term in the White House — a prediction hardly echoed by his peers in the polling industry.

The pollster argued that the polls showing Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden up by a wide margin in some key states are simply not reflective of reality, especially taking into account the so-called “shy Trump voter.” This same phenomenon, he argued, is what embarrassingly skewed the polling data in 2016.

“When a poll comes out with one candidate, in this case Hillary Clinton, winning by 11 points, when the winner of the race is the other candidate, that is not an outlier: that is bad polling and makes our entire industry look bad,” Lee explained during a panel discussion on WFMZ’s “Business Matters.”

“I called on the American Associated of Public Opinion Research to crack down on egregious polling, to tighten standards for firms that clearly don’t understand the landscape of Pennsylvania,” he continued. “Our [data] showed the race a statistical tie when others had the race at 11 points. Do you think that’s voter suppression? I’m sticking up for the industry; we need to crack down, someone needs to say this is out of control.”

Lee noted that the biggest variable is that the “shy Trump voter” is not being accounted for by mainstream polling.

A powerful quote from the pollster, “Many people called him (Trump) everything from a misogynist to a racist to everything in between… There are a lot of voters out there that don’t want to admit they are voting for a guy that has been called a racist; that submerged Trump factor is very real.”


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