Via Trump Train News:

Polls show Trump pulling ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden in the key states of Florida and Arizona. Though the leads are narrow, these results are extremely promising as Trump won each of these swing states in 2016.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll reported that 51 percent of the surveyed Florida voters plan to vote for President Trump in November’s election. Many analysts believe that Florida’s 29 Electoral College votes could be a crucial factor in determining who will win the election.

The poll also shows Trump ahead in Arizona by a closer margin of one percent. It seems that the silent majority will not remain quiet for much longer.

In 2016, Trump was able to win Arizona’s 11 Electoral College votes by 4.1 percentage points. The President also cinched Florida’s 29 key electoral votes on his way to winning the presidency. Surely, Democrats are starting to get nervous as the race is tightening up.

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