Via AAN:

According to a recent poll from the Convention of States Action, 61% of Americans have lost trust in the US Federal Government.

Just The News conducted an interview with the organization’s president, Mark Meckler. He called the drop “extraordinary” and said the massive decline in trust is a very good thing. He added that Americans are actually more trusting of state and local governments now too.

The idea of American freedom demands decentralized power. In 2020 we saw a massive expansion of the federal government that is still expanding. It looks like Americans simply aren’t buying it anymore.

Meckler said that “if you go to a red state where governments opened up earlier, people have more faith and trust in their government than you would see in a place like New York or California, because they’ve been freed up and they’re out on the streets. They’ve been living their lives for a long time.”

And it’s not just red states too. According to Pew Research, only 2% of Americans can trust the US government to “do the right thing” “just about always.” Only 22% say they can “most of the time.” The party line definitely shows in Pew Research however. The same poll shows that 36% of Democrats say they can trust the government where only 9% of Republicans say the same.

If you ask me, that 22% is still far too high. Americans should not trust their government. When Montesquieu proposed the idea of separating powers, it was to hold men accountable. To keep government not necessarily in gridlock but subservient to principle. He once said that “the deterioration of government begins almost always with the deterioration of principles.” The most surefire way to send a leader’s heart down a path of corruption, is to trust him wholeheartedly. Give him the wheel and he will drive you to your doom.

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