Via American Action News:

A new Pew Research poll finds Democrats deeply racially divided over their presidential nomination going to a 78-year-old white man.

“(A)fter a primary campaign that saw the most diverse group of candidates in the party’s history – including six women, several black, Hispanic and Asian candidates and the first openly gay contender – 41% of Democratic registered voters say they are bothered that the likely Democratic nominee for the 2020 election is a white man in his 70s,” Pew reports.

But the split isn’t where most people would expect.

Among black Democrats, only 28 percent report feeling bothered by Biden’s race and age. Among Hispanic Democrats, the figure is statistically the same, at 30 percent.

But white Democrats are almost twice as likely as black and Hispanic Democrats to be offended by the fact Biden is white.
Among white Democrats, 49 percent say they are bothered by Biden being a white man his 70s, while 51 percent say they are not bothered.

Those most likely to be offended by Biden’s race are young white liberals with college degrees.

Those least likely to be offended by Biden’s race are older, black, and have a high school education.

“Democratic voters who are bothered that the likely nominee is an older white man are more liberal, more educated, younger and more likely to be white than those who are not bothered, according to the survey, which was conducted just after Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign,” Pew reports.

“Democratic voters with a postgraduate degree are the only educational group in which a majority (58%) say they are bothered the likely Democratic nominee is a white man in his 70s. In contrast, 76% of those with no college experience and 59% of those with some college experience are not bothered by this,” Pew continues.

Interestingly, those most likely to say they are offended by Biden being older and white largely supported white candidates like Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren, instead of young black candidates like Cory Booker and Kamala Harris or young Hispanic candidates like Joaquin Castro.

“Voters who preferred Sen. Elizabeth Warren are particularly likely to hold this view: Nearly three-quarters (73%) say this, as do 57% of those who backed Pete Buttigieg and 52% of those who supported other candidates at the beginning of the year,” Pew finds.

While 73 percent of Elizabeth Warren supporters say they are offended Biden is a white man in his 70s, Warren is a 70-year-old white woman.

That indicates that while young, white liberals are more likely to publicly declare their willingness to be offended on behalf of minorities, they won’t actually support minority candidates.


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