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Via Michael Brigham of AAN:

A new poll finds Americans believe restrictions on gun ownership are fueling rising crime, and even Democrats agree gun control has failed.

The Trafalgar Group poll found 37.3 percent of likely voters believed strict gun laws in major cities were making a wave of thefts and organized shoplifting worse.

Only 15.6 percent believed gun control was helping prevent the robberies, while 47.1 percent believed criminals didn’t care about gun laws either way.

Even among voters the media claim support gun control, support was hard to find.

Among Democrats, only 30.1 percent believed gun control was helping prevent crime.  16.1 percent of Democrats believed gun control was making crime worse, and 53.8 percent of Democrats said gun control was having no effect.

Among political independents, only 9.8 percent said gun control was preventing crime whilw 39.5 percent said gun control was making crime worse. 50.7 percent said gun control was doing nothing.

Black voters were even more skeptical of gun control than white voters.  Only 10.8 percent of black voters said gun control was helping, compared to just 14.8 percent of whites.

Women also said gun control was more likely to hurt than help, with 34.3 percent of women saying anti-gun laws were making crime worse and just 18.7 percent saying gun bans help.

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2 years ago

It is not guns it is the judicial system there is no severe punishment by the courts

2 years ago

Right. The cops are in short supply and forbidden to take certain actions against certain ‘ethnicities.’ So when they come for YOU, who you gonna call? Your trusty loaded GLOCK, that’s who.