Via Trump Train News:

Politico magazine has been critical of the propaganda from Chinese social media but that didn’t stop them from basing a whole story around that propaganda to attack President Trump’s COVID-19 response.

According to Town Hall:

The effects of Chinese propaganda infecting the liberal media establishment has been documented. Sadly, but not shockingly, some of the major networks don’t care. We had CNN cite the website for the People’s Liberation Army of Communist China to take swipes at President Trump’s response to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. It doesn’t matter. If it attacks Trump because “orange man…bad,” then use it. That’s where we are right now. Trump has truly broken the minds of liberal America to the point where they now willy nilly share communist propaganda in the hopes that it will persuade voters to vote this guy out in November. It only adds another in-kind contribution to Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. It’s truly becoming a pathetic exercise. And it always ends with a rake to the face for liberals—always. And it seems the real Chinese virus—their odious propaganda—has infected Politico, who actually wrote a story saying that Trump’s COVID-19 response was bad…because Chinese social media said so:


Ok, so Chinese propaganda is effective. I’m shocked at this development. My eyes can’t roll any harder. What’s next? An expose about how everything written about the US in North Korea is accurate? For a press corps that was obsessed with Russian interference, they’re very willing to spread the lies from another nation’s politburo. Also, who cares what China thinks?

President Trump created a task force, shut down incoming travel from Chines and Europe, eased FDA regulations to increase testing capacity, backed social distancing, and created a new COVID-19 test. He mobilized industries to create hospital gowns, medical masks, ventilators, and hand sanitizers, though most didn’t need a reminder from the government to do their part. Trump’s response has been aggressive, proactive, and transparent. China sat on its hands for nearly a week when they knew this virus, which looks like a lab experiment gone awry, would become a pandemic. They strong-armed their doctors from doing the right thing and informing the public. They’ve disappeared vloggers and other medical staffers who tried to raise awareness and report on the conditions on the ground. They failed miserably at containment. 

This is China’s fault, so their social media can say whatever it wants. It still doesn’t negate the fact that China is the reason the world is in such a dire mess.

The increasing ease in which American news outlets use Chinese propaganda grows more concerning by the day.

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