Via TTN:

Former Vice President Pence is urging young Americans to get the vaccine if they haven’t already.

According to The Hill:

“Now let me say this about the vaccine: I got the shot. My family got the shot. And I want to encourage anyone here who hasn’t gotten the shot who’s eligible to go get it. And if you’re not sure about it, go ask your doctor and get the very best advice you can,” Pence told the Young America Foundation’s National Conservative Student Conference.

The direct call from Pence to young Republicans to get vaccinated comes as younger Americans in particular have shown resistance to getting the shot. And it was a notable plea from a top-ranking Trump administration official as red states see their vaccination rates lag behind other parts of the country.

Pence, who led the White House coronavirus task force last year, boasted of the success of Operation Warp Speed, the initiative under the Trump administration that cut regulatory red tape to rapidly develop and test the COVID-19 vaccines last year before they received emergency authorization from the FDA.

“As we do our part, each and every one of us, to put this pandemic in the past, we need to also stand firm on the principle that we can defeat this virus without lockdowns and mandates,” Pence said to applause. “We can protect the vulnerable and get our kids back to school. And we can keep America open without forfeiting our freedoms.”

Pence received his first dose of the vaccine months ago to help promote the success of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed.

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2 years ago

I’m happy to see our high ranking GOP leaders calling on America to take the vaccine. I have not voted for any Democrat in over 40 years, but for some stupid reason, my Republican brothers are acting like the vaccine is the mark of the devil. Stupidity.

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1 year ago

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