Via TTN:

On Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signaled that plans for the House to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill could be further delayed as some Democrats have vowed to oppose it. The vote is still planned for Thursday however, Pelosi noted she does have the power to delay it once again.

The Hill reports:

“We take it one step at a time,” Pelosi told reporters after huddling with members of her caucus in the basement of the Capitol, referring to Thursday’s vote.

She also repeated her intention to not bring legislation to the floor that does not have the votes for passage. Leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus say half the group is prepared to vote against the infrastructure bill unless the larger social spending bill moves in tandem.

Pelosi noted that, while the House Budget Committee has already approved a blueprint for the larger social spending bill — the second piece of Biden’s legislative wishlist — the Senate moderates balking at the $3.5 trillion price tag have stalled progress on the broader two-pronged agenda.

“In the meantime, there was this ‘Oh my god, we can’t go to that number,’” Pelosi said, invoking the Senate holdouts. “Well that completely sets off the timetable.”

If Pelosi does delay the vote again it’s certain to anger more moderate Democrats who are hoping to quickly pass the bill.

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1 year ago

she should eat that bill if she thinks its so good .

1 year ago
Reply to  American

I’m in favor of shoving it down her throat.

Vera Mirayes
1 year ago

She’s just a nasty bitter person.

11 months ago

Two biggest lies about this 3.5 trillion dollar bill is the claim by Biden it will cost 0 dollars and it doesn’t count as it is future spending and doesn’t add to the debt. Both of these statements prove these democrats can’t count over 10 with their shoes on.