Via Trump Train News:

Nancy Pelosi continues to push the narrative that President Trump has failed. Unfortunately for her evidence exists to show that she downplayed the seriousness of this virus.

Now her actions could cause irreparable harm.

Pelosi is obstructing economic response to this crisis that could cause the next recession. The Nancy Pelosi Recession.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

But the length of the recession—whether the economy bounces back post-shutdown, or whether we lose another decade of growth—is as much about government as the conditions on the ground. Unlike the 2008 crisis, the current contraction is not a correction for malinvestment but the product of a nationwide decision to combat a deadly disease. That effort is led, and in many cases imposed, by government; it makes sense for the feds to pick up the tab.

Congressional Republicans have worked to swiftly address this crisis with an influx of funding. Even President Trump continues to call for more. But the Democrats turn a clean response into a muddy one every time.

If you want to know how congressional Democrats are thinking about the crisis, though, just ask House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (S.C.). Brainstorming with over 200 members of the Democratic caucus, Clyburn admonished his colleagues with a line we suspect will become infamous: “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Following her lead, Pelosi’s colleagues demanded bailouts be tied to a $15 minimum wage, a universal post-crisis paid family leave program implemented, and poured millions into patronage favorites like the Kennedy Center—which laid off its employees anyway, only to reverse course when it received backlash from the news media.

Democrats demanded another $250 billion for hospitals and state and local government. When Republicans argued the details would take too long to sort out, Democrats blocked the clean bill. Pelosi even claimed there was “no data as to why we need” the added money.

President Trump and the Republicans have worked hard to address this cleanly while the Democrats muddy the waters. Joe Biden and the Democrats will blame this on Trump and the GOP but in the end, those who were watching will know who owns this boondoggle… Nancy Pelosi.


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