Via Trump Train News:

Nancy Pelosi reportedly asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff what precautions could be taken to prevent Trump from launching a nuclear attack.

According to CNBC:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she spoke to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley about available precautions that would block “an unstable president” — Donald Trump — from “ordering a nuclear strike,” or even accessing nuclear launch codes and starting other military hostilities.

“The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a letter to fellow Democratic lawmakers.

A spokesman for the Office of the Joint Chiefs said Pelosi initiated a call with Milley and “he answered her questions regarding the process of nuclear command authority.”

The Pentagon and the National Security Council did not respond to CNBC’s requests for comment.

Trump’s inability to fulfill his duties as commander in chief could leave the United States susceptible to attack from enemies abroad, something Pelosi unlikely thought of before making er request public.


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