Marine One at Mar-a-Lago (33638029748) via Wikimedia Commons.

Via TTN:

While the Department of Justice continues to insist the inquisition into 45th President Trump is not a witch hunt, facts are continuing to prove otherwise, according to details released about the investigation, as reported by the New York Post:

The property list [seized from Mar-a-Lago] revealed by US District Judge Aileen Cannon indicated that 11,179 government documents and photographs seized by federal agents on Aug. 8 bore no classification markings at all.

And the rundown indicates that agents in the raid on Mar-a-Lago even took such innocuous belongings as the former president’s clothing, magazines he kept and newspaper clippings.

By contrast, 54 documents removed from the Palm Beach, Fla., resort were marked “SECRET,” 31 were labeled “CONFIDENTIAL” and another 18 were labeled “TOP SECRET,” according to an initial tally by The Post.

Agents also took 48 empty folders labeled with “CLASSIFIED” banners while another 41 empty folders were labeled “Return to Staff Secretary/Military Aide.” It is not clear from the inventory list why the folders were empty.

Despite mounting evidence to show Trump, who declassified the few secret documents while president, is innocent, Joe Biden’s DOJ continue to investigate and probe the 45th President in an apparent politically motivated attack.

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Ralph Ormsbee
23 days ago

Trump was a fantastic President and he is a fantastic American. Biden is a Terrorist so who is right I would never think a terrorist is right about anything

george Simonis
george Simonis
22 days ago

The Democrats are still acting like petulant children. What they need is a long “time out”…say 20 years or so…Maybe THEN the rest of us can make some sense of the mess they created. I’m AMAZED that the rational folks in America have put up with this crap for so long. Out of control? Unconstitutional? idiotic? Where are the voices of reason? Dems=Lemmings…

22 days ago
Reply to  george Simonis

Lemmings marching in step, then rushing en masse over the cliff onto the sharp rocks of godless socialism.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
22 days ago

Only 103 were “classified”??
& yet took personal possessions , Fire Wray & FBI

John Wood
21 days ago

Defund the FBI.