During his Lake Tahoe vacation, President Biden encountered a crowd that viciously booed him. When a reporter inquired about former President Donald Trump’s mugshot, Biden seized the moment to share his sarcastic opinion, which did not help the situation.

Of course, Biden also continued to act as if he was largely unaware of Trump’s indictment – a tactic taken by the Biden administration to remove any blame they share in the largely unpopular political persecution of former President Donald Trump.

However, his comments were not well-received by the audience.

From the perspective of many Americans, the charges against President Trump are perceived as politically motivated by the DOJ, which falls under Biden’s leadership.

Consequently, these negative sentiments are now being directed towards President Biden, who faced boos as he exited the vehicle he had arrived in.

A reporter asked Biden,

“Have you seen Donald Trump’s mugshot yet?”

Biden responded sarcastically, saying:

“I did see it on television… handsome guy.”


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