Disgraced White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s salacious book is spreading like wildfire.

However, it seems no matter how many unhinged liberals buy it, the reality TV villain may not profit from her efforts, at all. (Conservative Tribune)

Titled “Unhinged,” which some may suggest fits the author better than the subject of her tome, multiple alleged sources for her scandalous claims have publicly stated they did not say or witness what Maigault-Newman has stated in her book that they did.

In fact, the cast of characters denying her book’s statements or her credibility seems to be growing on a daily basis.

As one example, pollster Frank Luntz, who is also an author of four books, was quick to take Manigault-Newman to task, posting his complaint on Twitter. He even noted the page on which the disputed claim about him could be located:


Since the Trump campaign has filed arbitration against Manigault-Newman – seeking millions – it’s possible she won’t see a single penny from her book sales.

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