Via American Action News:

Controversy has stubbornly followed Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) throughout her first term in Congress. 

Now, a prominent Washington, D.C. doctor is calling her an adulteress in open court.

Fox News has more on the bizarre court proceedings:

A local judge granted a divorce Thursday to a D.C. doctor who accused Rep. Ilhan Omar of having an affair with her husband, in a court hearing that ended abruptly after the wife brought up the controversial Minnesota congresswoman.

Superior Court Judge Darlene Soltys had just applauded Beth and Tim Mynett for reaching a divorce settlement amicably when Beth Mynett spoke up.

But Mr. Mynett’s lawyer immediately asked the judge she stop. Beth tried carrying on, claiming that their happy marriage collapsed following Tim’s extramarital affair after being hired by the radical Democrat.

The judge broke up the speech and called the attorneys for both Mynetts to the bench and put on sound to drown out their conversations. Then the court hearing abruptly ended without a formal announcement of adjournment.

Both Tim Mynett, a rising Washington, D.C.-based political consultant, and Omar have consistently denied any affair.

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