President Trump has a message for those who think he’s soft on Russia: Obama–not Trump–was Putin’s “patsy.” Not only has President Trump been far tougher with sanctions than his predecessor, he’s willing to bring down the hammer if needed. 

Daily Wire reports

On Thursday, President Trump announced that he has invited Vladimir Putin to the White House this fall, but made sure to underscore to critics that if things went south, he was willing to punish Russia, as he’s already demonstrated. In an interview with CNBC that aired in full Friday, Trump described himself as being “far tougher” on Russia than his predecessors — particularly compared to Barack Obama, who was a “total patsy” in his handling of the aggressive regime.

Speaking with CNBC’s Joe Kernen for an interview that aired on “Squawk Box” Friday morning, Trump said if the relationship between the U.S. and Russia doesn’t “work out,” he’ll be Putin’s “worst nightmare.”

“Getting along with President Putin, getting along with Russia’s positive not a negative,” Trump said. “Now, that being said, if that doesn’t work out I’ll be the worst enemy he’s ever had — the worst he’s ever had.”

While he’s been “far tougher” on Russia than “any president in many, many years, maybe ever,” he said, Obama was a coward when it came to Putin. “Look at the sanctions I put on, look at the diplomats I threw out. Nobody else did what I’ve done,” he said. “Obama didn’t do it,” he added. “Obama was a patsy for Russia. He was a total patsy.”

Indeed, while Trump is willing to improve our relations with Russia, he’s increased sanctions since Obama left office. 

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