Prominent Democratic lawyer and former White House Counsel under President Barack Obama, Greg Craig is close to being charged in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. 

CNN’s Erica Orden and Evan Perez report:

The possible charges are connected to false statements Craig allegedly gave to investigators who were looking at the work he performed for Ukraine.

Though Mueller’s investigation has ended, a number of inquiries that were referred out by his office live on in other prosecutors’ offices, and Craig’s is among the earliest and most unusual.

A review of the case against Craig, much of it previously unreported, demonstrates the tumultuous path of the investigation of one of the country’s most prominent attorneys, a matter that has gone on for so long and changed hands so many times that the statute of limitations for the initial matter for which he was investigated — failure to register as a foreign agent — has expired.

This story is based on information from six people familiar with the government’s investigation, which is now in the hands of the Justice Department’s national security division and the US Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.

Craig came to Mueller’s attention in mid-2017 over his 2012 consulting for Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice, a professional relationship forged in part with Paul Manafort.

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