Via TTN:

As Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6 committee heard its first testimony a New York Times reporter took the liberty of calling all 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump “enemies of the state.”

According to The Daily Wire: 

“Today’s #January6thSelectCommittee underscores the America’s current, essential [national security] dilemma: Work to combat legitimate national security threats now entails calling a politician’s supporters enemies of the state,” tweeted Katie Benner, who covers the Justice Department for the nation’s most prestigious newspaper.

“As Americans, we believe that state power should not be used to work against a political figure or a political party,” she continued. “But,” she asked, “what happens if a politician seems to threaten the state? If the politician continues to do so out of office and his entire party supports that threat?”

“The dilemma was unresolved by the Russia probe and 2 impeachments,” Benner proceeded, in a tweet thread posted on Tuesday, which she subsequently deleted.

Benner formerly worked for a “news outlet” founded in Maoist China. The New York Times reported in 2015 that, before Benner joined the newspaper of record, “she wrote for Beijing Review.” Beijing Review, formerly Peking Review, is published by the China International Publishing Group, which “was founded in 1949 with a mission to introduce China to foreign countries through books, magazines and websites.” It is officially controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

Naturally, people didn’t react well to being characterized as an “enemy of the state.”

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