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Via TTN:

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is leaving the publication after 37 to consider launching a bid for Oregon governor.

The Hill reports:

Kristof has been on leave from the paper since June while he explored a new career in politics. On Tuesday, he filed papers to form a committee that will allow him to raise money and hire staff for a potential campaign, though an advisor insisted he had not made a final decision.

In a statement to staff attached to the announcement of his departure, Kristof saluted what he called a “dream job” that has let him travel the globe reporting, in spite of a bout with malaria, a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the occasional arrest.

“[P]recisely because I have a great job, outstanding editors and the best readers, I may be an idiot to leave. But you all know how much I love Oregon, and how much I’ve been seared by the suffering of old friends there. So I’ve reluctantly concluded that I should try not only to expose problems but also see if I can fix them directly,” Kristof said in the statement.

“It’s hard to overstate how much I’ll miss him as a reader and as a colleague,” publisher A.G. Sulzberger said in a note to Times staff.

If Kristof does decide to launch a campaign for governor he will be entering an already crowded primary field as politicians work to fill the shoes left by outgoing Governor Kate Brown.

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Ben Matthews
Ben Matthews
11 months ago

Another “[email protected]$$-funded” lib-turd, no doubt❗️

11 months ago

A New York Times writer will be a perfect fit withe the wackos running Oregon. He would probably want to live in Portland.
He would also further the cause of the counties who want to secede and become part of Idaho.